Drive with no traffic and nature friendly.

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How to use?

Please find the nearest JUNGO scooter on the map visible in the app or nearby. You may choose any of the scooters visible in the app.


Press “brake” to stop. Finish your ride in the “green zone” marked on the map in the JUNGO app.


In order to start using a JUNGO scooter, please stand alongside with it. Scan the QR code or press „Start the ride” on the scooter chosen in the JUNGO app.


Please park the JUNGO scooter ensuring that it does not make inconvenience for pedestrians and other road users and is visible to next users of the scooter.

Please make sure visually whether the scooter is in working order. Pick up the kickstand of the scooter. In order to start moving, stand on the scooter with one foot and push off by the other 1-2 times, then press and hold “power” with your thumb. When riding, hold both your feet on the deck.


Please make sure that the JUNGO scooter is stabilized and with the kickstand down.  Press the button “Finish ride” in the app and submit a photo where one can see that the scooter has not been damaged.


Find your scooter in the streets and ride with no traffic and nature friendly.

Take and go!



The electric scooters don't harm the nature


Great prices

Only 10cents/min or 20EUR/day

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No traffic

Ride where cars can't


Ready to ride?

Safety rules when using JUNGO scooters

  • It is allowed to move on the sidewalk or bicycle lanes

  • It is forbidden to move along the carriageway or car roads (carriageways)

  • We recommend wearing a safety helmet

  • Choose a safe driving speed

  • This service can be used from the age of 18

  • Only one person can be on the scooter. It is forbidden to carry passengers or cargo.

  • Maximum rider weight 100 kg

  • It is forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs and / or other psychotropic substances.

Drive safe!