What to do if you did not receive SMS to verify your phone when creating a profile?

First, check whether you have the last version of the app. Then check whether your phone number and country code are entered correctly. If they are correct, but an SMS still is not received, wait a while and try again later.

What are the available riding modes for JUNGO scooters? How to switch between them?  

JUNGO scooters have three riding modes – ECO, DRIVE and SPORT. The maximum riding speed is equal to 9 km/h (5.5 mph) in the ECO mode, 15 km/h (9.3 mph) in DRIVE (D) mode, and 25 km/h (15.5 mph) in SPORT (S) mode. You may switch riding modes by pressing the "on/off" button quickly 2 times on the steer panel. We recommend using the ECO or DRIVE (D) mode.

What does the “green zone” mean? May I ride outside it? 

The “green zone” is the zone where our scooters may be ridden. However, you are allowed to leave the zone with a scooter if you will return and finish your ride in the “green zone”! When you leave the “green zone”, be aware of the battery charge level, making sure that it is sufficient for you to return to the “green zone”.

Is using a helmet mandatory?

Using a helmet is recommended, but not mandatory.

How to finish a ride correctly?

Always finish your ride in the “green zone” marked on the map in the JUNGO app. Park the JUNGO scooter so as not to inconvenience pedestrians and other road users and keep it visible to future users of the scooter. We recommend parking near bike stands. Make sure that the kickstand of the JUNGO scooter is down and the scooter stands by itself. Press the “Finish the Ride” button in the app and upolad a photo showing that the scooter is parked correctly and is not damaged.

Do I need a driver’s licence?

No, a driver’s licence is not required.

What if a ride is not finished properly?

We charge the 0,15 EUR/min for the JUNGO scooter until the ride is finished correctly. In the case, if a ride is not finished correctly, we continue to charge you for using the JUNGO scooter until the maximum fee for one unlock/use is reached (20 EUR).

What is the maximum weight of a rider?

The maximum weight of a rider is equal to 100 kg (220 lb).

What should I do if a JUNGO scooter is missing from the place marked in the map?

You can probably find the scooter within several metres from the point marked in the map because GPS signals may be inaccurate. The scooter may be parked behind an object or just a little bit farther. If you are unable to find the scooter, please report it in the JUNGO app (chat, email info@jungo.lv or call phone to +371 25422272). Then choose another JUNGO scooter for your ride.

I have damaged the scooter. What should I do?

Please contact with the JUNGO Customer Centre by calling +371 25422272. Additionally, send information with a photo to JUNGO’s email address info@jungo.lv. Do not forget to add a short description of the situation and indicate the ID number of the scooter, which you can find next to the QR code.

Kā es varu dabūt kopiju par brauciena izmaksām?

JUNGO aplikācijā ir pieejama sadaļa “Braucienu vēsture”. Atrodi vēlamo braucienu un Tev parādīsies visa informācija par veiktajiem braucieniem (Veiktais attālums, laiks, EUR, u.t.t).

May I take a JUNGO scooter home and continue riding the next day?

No, you may not take a scooter home with you or keep it. The scooter should be always parked in the “green zone” on the map of the JUNGO app so that it is available to JUNGO staff. If the scooter is left out of the “green zone” on the map of the JUNGO app or it is available to our staff, a penalty applies (see sections “What if I leave the JUNGO scooter outside the “green zone”?” and “How to finish a ride correctly?”)

How does the promo code work and how to activate it?

In order to use and enter the promo code, go to the e-Wallet section in the JUNGO app. It will also be asked for automatically if you scan the QR code .

What if I cannot log in to my account of forget my password?

Please check out whether you typed your email, phone number, and password correctly. Make sure CAPS LOCK is not on! If you are unable to log in, or have forgotten your password, please register in the JUNGO app again, entering your phone number, first name, surname, and email. A confirmation code will be sent by SMS to the specified phone number. Enter the confirmation code in the app, and your profile will be available for you again. If you are unable to do it, feel free to contact us: chat, email info@jungo.lv, or call +371 25422272.

What to do in emergency situations?

Please contact with us in the JUNGO app, by email info@jungo.lv, or by phone +371 25422272, and we will discuss further action.

How to unlock a JUNGO scooter and start a ride?

First, you must download the JUNGO app to your smartphone from App Store or Google Play and register. In order to start using JUNGO, stand next to the scooter, scan the QR code or press “Start riding” next to the chosen scooter in the JUNGO app.

How to ride a JUNGO scooter?

Lift up the kickstand of the scooter. In order to start moving, stand on the scooter with one foot and push off with the other 1-2 times, then press and hold “power” with your thumb. While riding, hold both your feet on the deck plate. Press “brake” to stop. Press the “on/off” button on the steer panel to switch on the front and rear lights. Press the “on/off” button quickly 2 times on the steer panel to change the ride mode. In order to make an acoustic signal, crank the bell installed in the left handle.

Where can I ride?

You may ride anywhere under the condition that you return and finish your journey in the “green zone”! When you leave the “green zone”, be aware of the battery charge level, making sure that it is sufficient for you to return to the “green zone”.

May I ride on the streets or highways?

No, you may ride a scooter on pavement and bike lanes only.

How much does a JUNGO ride cost (price, rate)?

The ride price is composed of the payment for unlocking a JUNGO scooter and of the fee for actual use of the chosen JUNGO scooter. The price to unlock a JUNGO scooter is equal to 0,00 EUR (fixed). The price for JUNGO scooter ride is 0,15 EUR/min, pause 0,05 EUR/min. However, the maximum price per unlock/use is 20 EUR! This means that, upon reaching this amount, you are free to ride the same JUNGO scooter until total discharge of the battery.

How to pay for a ride?

First, you must register your payment card in the JUNGO app. You can do it in the Profile section or by scanning the QR code for the first time. You will be required to add your payment card. You can pay with your card for each individual ride, or add credit to your e-Wallet, from which the relevant sum will be deducted after each ride. In order to add credit, go to your e-Wallet and specify the desired sum, then press the “Deposit to e-Wallet” button.

What is the minimum age for riders JUNGO scooters?

18 years.

What if I leave the JUNGO scooter outside the “green zone”?

In this case, we will charge the maximum sum for one unlock/use (20 EUR). Additionally, you will be obliged to cover expenses on locating the scooter and returning it to the “green zone” or the JUNGO depot.

How many people can ride one scooter?


Only one individual can ride one scooter simultaneously!

What if the scooter's battery is run down during my ride?

If you are in the “green zone” on the map of the JUNGO app, just stop riding (see “How to finish a ride?”). If you are out of the “green zone” on the map of the JUNGO app, you must first bring the scooter back to the “green zone” and then finish the ride (see “How to finish a ride?”). If you are too far from the “green zone”, please contact us in the JUNGO app or by email info@jungo.lv, or +371 25422272, and we will discuss further action. Please remember: the battery level is shown on the scooter's steer panel; make sure to check it from time to time! Once you have correctly finished your ride, feel free to unlock the next scooter in the vicinity and start a new ride.

Can I reserve a scooter?

Yes. Please choose any available scooter in the JUNGO app, click on it, and you will see a reservation button. You may reserve a scooter for up to 5 minutes free of charge. If you do not start using the scooter in 5 minutes, your reservation will expire.

What are JUNGO’s working hours?

JUNGO scooters are available 24/7. You can reach the JUNGO customer service from 14:00 to 22:00 by phone +371 25422272. Likewise, you may email to: info@jungo.lv. We will reply as soon as possible.

I have noticed an incorrect payment. What do I do?

If you see in your bank statement an unknown or incorrect payment, please contact JUNGO staff by chat, email info@jungo.lv, or by phone +371 25422272. We will investigate the situation and adjust the payment.

Can I hire two scooters from one profile?

No, you can only hire one scooter per bprofile/account. In order to use more than one JUNGO scooter, each user must use their own profile.